October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween =)

Dress: !STC Caprice Taupe Rosy Mauve, SOM Gift.
Skin: Hallowen Gift Skin from Scissors, SOM Gift.
Hair: CriCri, Free.
Necklace: [U&R DOGS] Halloween Gift , Free

XOXO Nidya Faith


Dress: Rotten Toe, !RT...Zombie Bloom...fixed
Skin:  Pink Fuel, [PF] Bloodthirsty Skin .
Hair: ::69:: Model Hair 02
Necklace: MIEL VIV SET
*League* Bloodied Hands Glove Layer, Project Themeory
*League* Zombie Shoulder Bite Tattoo, Project Themeory
Blood tattoo on chest: so what?, previously free from the ZombiePopcorn Hunt. ( The Lm that I have leads me to another place :( , If anyone knows where is the shop, please let me know, ty)

XOXO Nidya Faith


YAAAY Halloween :), one of my favorite holidays.
Do you need a costume? Why don you try at Fierce Desing
You'll find a lot of costumes and very nicely done. Halloween is just around the corner, so hurry up
All costumes are from Fierce Desing, No free
Bella, Vampire avatar.
Princess Jasmine, includes skin, hair and jewellery
Halloween Supreme, dead ex-boyfriend optional
Bumble bee, includes wings, bug balls, shoes
Rainbow Bright, includes hair and shoes.
The horny Devil, includes boots, horns, wings, tail and trident.
Dorothy, includes hair, basket and shoes.
Lady bug, includes wings, bug ball and shoes.
Red ridin hood, includes hair, basket and shoes.
Halloween skin.
XOXO Nidya Faith

October 30, 2010


I love this Costume, it makes me feel just like an Angel :), please don't  let  it go.
Angel Halloween Costume (for girls), only this Saturday for just 40L$ at  *diavolicious*

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 29, 2010

Izzie's - New release!

Skin: Izzie's - Amber Skin sunkissed. No free.
Shape: Izzie's - Amber Shape 2. No free.
Scarf: Izzie's - Knit Scarf , No free
Leggings: Fashion & Decor Affair  #15 (*TuttiFrutti*), Free
Tee: [ATOMIC] Pumpkin Tee, Free. Halloween Spooktacular!
Hair: "LoQ Hairs" Glitter **TDR Blue Exclusive** , 75L
XOXO Nidya Faith


Hair: BeReal, ATHH 48. FREE.
Skin: Adoring Charms, ATHH 29, FREE.
Leggings: Khush, ATHH 46, FREE
Top: Grumble, 41 ATHH, FREE
Tatto, necklace and bangles: [VIRTUAL/INSANITY] . ATHH, FREE.
1) Dress, bangles and gloves : 25 ATHH DivaLicious
Tatto: 28 ATHH !::Wicked Tattoos
2) Top and skirt: Grumble, 41 ATHH, FREE
3) Dress: 24 ATHH ::DaRk DoLls::

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 24, 2010

Diavolicious and Candydoll

Outfit free from  *diavolicious* . Join the group and look the notice. Owner: Diav Draconia
Skin: Free from ..:: Adoring Charms ::., ATHH #29

 Skirt and top from Candydoll, New releases: High Skirt & Peque Shirts
XOXO Nidya Faith

October 21, 2010


There are so many hunts running at *diavolicious*, so, why don't give it a try? .
*diavolicious* Halloween Hunt for Autism,  For more information please visit the official website
 *diavolicious*ODB Halloween Fair
 *diavolicious* Happy Halloween Hunt
 *diavolicious*The Unknown Hunt Halloween Female
XOXO Nidya Faith

October 20, 2010

I love Tim Burton

I love Tim Burton Plus is a mini hunt going in *diavolicious* as an addition to gridwide I love Tim Burton Hunt
We search for violet-black snakes :)

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 18, 2010

::HH:: Hucci & Freebies

Hair: Free, Modd.G Hair - Ivy (Luminous Blonde)
Hat: Free,  group gift from -Kyoko Couture at petit pas mall
Skin: Free, [ROMI SKIN] 2 Year Anniversary Gift, Lucky board.
Bag: Free group gift  , :SEY Signature01-C&P-/BucketBag(F)
Tatto: Free, ATTH #28 , :Wicked Tattoos: Morbid Tattoo - Medium Ink (A)
Dress: No free, Hucci New Relase.  ::HH:: Hucci Dentelle Dress - Klein Blue & Black

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 16, 2010


Outfit: LIKKA*HOUSE, SOM Gift, join to receive future gifts.
Boots: [LeRazz] Dorothy Boots (Halloween), on Maket Place , 50L
Ty Leona Razor
XOXO Nidya Faith

The Addicted to Halloween Hunt - Part 1

Short: 01 ATHH Evie
Shirt, earrings, ring, gloves and tatto: 02 ATHH Tattitude
Jeans and corset: 07 ATHH :.WoE.:
Hair with hat: 03 ATHH Audacity

Outfit: 09 ATHH Acid & Mala

Dress:  14 ATHH [Insatiable Fashions] ~
 Devil Horn and tail: 16 ATHH .::ODB::.
Outfit: 12 ATHH *~:: Sassy City ::~*
Dress: 17 ATHH ;;; CERO STYLE ;;;
Ears and tail: 20 ATHH .::NOSOTR@S::.
Basket: 10 ATHH Cheeky Pea   
Bowl with apples: 13 ATHH ~~<3 Dahllywood <3~~ 

Pumpkin Chair: 15 ATHH PRIME Furniture
Outfit: 19 ATHH *Luxurious World*
XOXO Nidya Faith

Bliensen + Maitai

All  jewelry are from Bliensen + Maitai. Releases, NO FREE.

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 15, 2010

Izzie's + Paper.doll + Bliensen

Skin: Izzie's, Free. SOM Gift
Hair: KMH, Hair 2010 Halloween Gift. FREE
Dress: {paper.doll} HalloweenHunt#3, 10L
Bag: :SEY Pumpkin bag09/BL
Earrings and necklace: Bliensen + MaiTai - Beauty + The Beast, NO FREE. 

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 14, 2010

"Finesmith Style about...."

"Finesmith Style about...." a challenging styling contest held every week at FRIDAY mornings 9amslt. The contest will run for 10 weeks and every week there's one unique theme that will test your creative stylings! Research the fashion and art styles using exclusively the Jewelries from Finesmith Jewelry. Create that one breathtaking look that will take you to the finals. Interpret the theme into your own vision and let us see it on the runway.
For more info please go to http://finesmithjewelry.blogspot.com/ and join the group secondlife:///app/group/b75f8ed0-69ab-500f-7b54-2110a5cfc58c/about

XOXO Nidya Faith

Latte + Couverture + Ruru@pino

Tuni and Leggings: *Latte*. Halloween Gift
Skirt:  Couverture , free.
Ring: Free from Crystal line
Outfit: Free, check notices in Ruru@pino group. Owner rikoyan Destiny
XOXO Nidya Faith

October 12, 2010

Evie's Closet

Dress: free from the  lucky board at *Evie's Closet*
Hair:  free from Yuna's Hair
Necklace for mouth , no free . The Call for Couture Festival.
XOXO Nidya Faith

October 11, 2010

Arnadi + Poised

Hair: Heart Softens, free
Shirt:  [arnadi], free, SOM Gift
Jeans: Poised, free, from the Hunt of the Living Dead!

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 10, 2010

The Call for Couture

I love this outfit from Indyra Originals , it's very sophisticated, you can find it at The Call for Couture.
The accessories are Acid & Mala Creations and you can find it in different colors, also in The Call for Couture.
Hair: Free from the lucky board in ::RubisoHo::
Skin: Free from Blame It On Pop Hunt at ROZENA SKIN.

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 7, 2010

The Call for Couture

The Call for Couture Event is the newest event brought to you by CHIC Management. It will take place between October 10th and October 31st at an undisclosed location! (Click a CHIC Subscribomatic) and we will deliver the Landmark right to you once we’re open ;) )
 It will include 185 brands showcasing new and exclusive items. Not only that but as WELL as that we will have approximately 140 auction items available to bid on. The winning bid at the end of the three weeks will be split in half, 50% going to UK registered charity The Samaritans. (http://www.samaritans.org/ Reg charity number: 219432). Designers will be playing with the relationship between couture (auction items) and pret-a-porter (the new exclusive releases that will be available for you to buy!)
Dress: Fishy Strawberry
Skin: -MonS-
Necklace: Just You
Bracelets: LaGyo_Lituus
Mask: Tiffany Mask
Dress: Magoa.

XOXO Nidya Faith

October 5, 2010


Skin: Mother Goose's, free from the Lucky board
Hair: LITTLE HEAVEN, free from the lucky board.
Outfit: Fierce**HIDE AND SEEK, NO FREE.
Outfit: Fierce My boyfriends shirt
Dress: KHUSH - Siena Dress
Outfits: KHUSH, New releases by Kirsty Oherlihy :)
Ty Liess Paine, Kirsty Oherlihy and Sally Soleil :)
XOXO Nidya Faith