March 31, 2012

Look #351

 .: Credits :.
Skin: Izzie's - Cassandra Skin,  no free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< Kalle -  light blondes, no free. NEW!!
Lingerie:  Izzie's - Mademoiselle Lingerie red,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ **Prelude** neck-ear set,   no freeNEW!!
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Black, No free.
Pose:  PURPLE POSE , no free.
 Nidya Faith

March 27, 2012

Look #350(Man) GSP


Hair[Shag] - Boys Don't Cry - Dark Shades
Piercing...::: Scrub :::... Piercing Sadness @GSP
TattooS (and) P - Danger Zone! Tattoo @GSP
Pants: BLK2.0 - Loose SweatPants Black
Boots: DRD - Sanity falls boots - HUNT GIFT
Pose[ Omen ] Lift Pose @GSP

 Where have you been - RafaelAlejandro

March 25, 2012

Look #349

Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Giulia ] - [ Fatpack Porcelain ] Press,  no free.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Pony Mesh Hair, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  .:Sticky fingers:. My little leopard dress @ Perfect WARdrobe,  no free. NEW!!
Bag:  Dark Bag *Tea Time* BDE,  no free. NEW!!
Bangles  +:+WTG+:+ **Dragon Fes** bangles,  no free. NEW!!
Nails: +:+WTG+:+ **Dragon Fes**[F] jeweled nails,  no free. NEW!!
Monocle: +:+WTG+:+ **Dragon Fes** eye-wear,  no free. NEW!!
Shoes: : Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Gold Panther,  no free.

Look #348

 .: Credits :.
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Grace_Buff - Irish Green,  no free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< Parisa (Mesh) -  light blondes, no free. NEW!!
Top:  -SU! -Random Shirt ,  no free. NEW!!
Skirt:  Spirit Store - Apista mesh skirt,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace: [U&R DOGS] :+*R*+: Repetitor Necklace Ottava Gold,   no freeNEW!!
Shoes: TEN10 Tina boots  black leather, No free.
 Nidya Faith

Look #347

 .: Credits :.
Skin: [Atomic] Skin Grace_Buff - Irish Green,  no free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< Dee (Mesh) -  reds, no free. NEW!!
Outfit:  *Tentacio* Boom girl for miss & miss project,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace: [U&R DOGS] :+*R*+: Repetitor Necklace Flaminio Gold,   no freeNEW!!
Shoes: KristicA - Ballet Shoes (black), No free.
 Nidya Faith

March 23, 2012

Look #346

 .: Credits :.
Skin: [ Al Vulo! ] - [ Leilani ] - [ Fatpack Bronze ],  no free. NEW!!
Shape:  .Pekka. Paula Shape @ GSP ,   no free. NEW!! 
HairMONS / Hair - Mary Updo, no free. NEW!!
Skirt, top and choker:  PARADISIS So sexy,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace: {*I <3 FashiOn*} Killer Necklace@ GSP ,   no freeNEW!!
Makeup: .:A&M:. Eyeshadow *Greys* @ GSP . No free.  NEW!!
Tattoo: [JB] Juicy Box - Paper Plane Tattoo, no free. NEW!!
Shoes: N-core EMPORIUM, No free.
Pose:  PURPLE POSE , no free.
 Nidya Faith

March 19, 2012

Look #345(Man)


Coat::Mr.Poet:: - Bat sleeve knit coat - MESH - FREE
Collar[Acide!] Croix - Noir @Narcissus' Room
Pant: [homme] chevron knickebocker grey @Narcissus' Room
Pose[GOLA] PM03 @Narcissus' Room

Love LockDown - RafaelAlejandro

Look #344(Man)


Shape: .:Useful Things:. shape kenny for @GSP
GlassesShadZ - Shut Up - Classic @GSP
Collar..::SPLASH::.. - Peace Necklace @GSP

The Reason - RafaelAlejandro

Look #343

 .: Credits :.
Skin: [Katsucide] Laura Light @ FFL 2012. No free.  NEW!!
HairMONS / Hair - Mary , no free. NEW!!
Top:  .:Sticky fingers:. My black knot tshirt,  no free. NEW!!
Leggings:  [GLUE INK] Leather Leggings Splits  (Purple), no free. NEW!!
Necklace:  ~Pepper~ Asthma Necklace & ~Pepper~ Wooden Name Necklace,   no free. NEW!!
Bangles: ::!::je suis...vintage::Bangles:: Fashionably Late Exclusive @ Fashionably Late Exclusive. No free.  NEW!!
Belt: ~Pepper~ Bicycle Belt. No free.  NEW!!
Shoes:[EY:NO] Flats (flieder), No free. NEW!!
Pose:  [GOLA] Hi sweety, no free.  NEW!! 

 Nidya Faith

March 18, 2012

Look #342

 .: Credits :.
Skin: [Katsucide] Laura Tan Spring @ GSP, no free. NEW!!
HairMONS / Hair - Archan, no free. NEW!!
Lingerie:  Gawk! Lingerie "First Love" - Leopard,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace:  SPLASH- Peace Necklace @ GSP ,   no free. NEW!!
Tattoo: ::Fe:: Sailor Tattoo@ GSP . No free.  NEW!!
Shoes:Mstyle RIVEA Pumps - Gold Panther, No free.
Pose:  PURPLE POSE ELLA, no free.  NEW!!

 Nidya Faith

Look #341(Man GSP2)


ShapeSweet Sin - Shape 52 @GSP
Make Up: S (and) P - Bloody Makeup @GSP
Tattoo::Fe:: - Sailor Tattoo @GSP

You Need Me, I Don't Need You - RafaelAlejandro

Look #340

 .: Credits :.
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Kumi Mesh Hair, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  [.:Sticky fingers:. My black tee dress @ GSP,  no free. NEW!!
Jacket:  !IC- Jacket biker pink @ GSP,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace:  ::je suis...::nocturne::clock necklace Fashion For Life 2012,   no free. NEW!!
Makeup: .Pekka. HOMICIDAL Lipstick Grunge Edition @ GSP . No free.  NEW!!
Bag: Rock'n'roll Bag - *Tea Time*. No free.  NEW!!
Shoes:N-core EMPORIUM, No free.  NEW!!
Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (Leopard). No free.
Pose:  [GOLA] Hi sweety, no free.  NEW!!

 Nidya Faith

March 17, 2012

Look #339(Man GSP)


HairDura - Boy 18(Black) -Mens hair
Eyes.ID. Intense Eyes @GSP
Piercing[Acide!] Ethnique Gris @GSP
Tattoo-ZR- Only God Can Judge Me @GSP
Pant[Pumpkin] Loose jeans G - MESH

Put Your Hands Up - RafaelAlejandro

Look #338(Man) - Fruk Special Post


SkinFRUK Knox skin shade 2 - The Babyface - COMING SOON (hopefully Sunday 18th March)
HairRAW HOUSE :: Urban Savage 2 [Blacks]

Rise Up - RafaelAlejandro

March 15, 2012

Look #337

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -[IREN] -Isy- @ GSP.,  No free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< Kathy -  light blondes, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  [GENRE] Seksy Dresse @ GSP,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace (Star):  Fluffly Star Necklace @ GSP,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace (Cross) and Earrings:  ~Pepper~ Coin Earrings and Cross Necklace,   no free. NEW!!
Belt: ~Pepper~ Ornament Belt. No free.
Shoes: Mstyle GOSHI Pumps - Magenta. No free.
Vest:AOHARU_BikerVest_Black. No free.
Tattoo: [JB] Juicy Box - Origami P <3 1. No free. NEW!!
Gloves: [GLUE INK] Ree Gloves (Leopard). No free.
Pose:  [GOLA] Collar pose 01*, no free.

 Nidya Faith

Look #336

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -[IREN] -Isy- @ GSP.,  No free. NEW!!
Hair: /Wasabi Pills/ Monique2 Mesh Hair @  ZombiePop Brand , no free. NEW!!
Outfit:  .:Sticky fingers:. My pink leopard open back dress,  no free. NEW!!
Boots: TEN10 Katya boots pink. No free. NEW!!
Bag: ~Pepper~ Animal Mesh Bag (TOUCH) -@ PERFECT WARDROBE-. No free. NEW!!
Pose:  PURPLE POSE, no free.
 Nidya Faith

March 13, 2012

Look #335(Man)


Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 25 - Blonde
PantsNOTsoBAD - VINCE jeans - Black - MESH
PoseJuxtapose - Titanium Poses for Narcissus @Narcissus' Room

Lonely Heart - RafaelAlejandro

March 12, 2012

Look #334(Man)


Hair*booN BMB103 hair MESH NEW
Glases: TNT - Sense Appeal Eyewear *Aviator* 
Tank[Pumpkin] Tank top p.1.3 MESH NEW
Pants[NV] Show off baggy 
Pose[GOLA] PM01

No One - RafaelAlejandro

Look #333

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -Izzie's - Brianna Skin *Spring Edition*,  No free. NEW!!
EyesIzzie's - Dark MESH Eyes , no free. NEW!!
HairMONS / Hair - Sarah (Brown Tone), no free. NEW!!
Outfit:  Sticky fingers : My naughty Patrick day outfit @ PERFECT WARDROBE,  no free. NEW!!
Boots: TEN10 Tina boots snake leather. No free. NEW!!
Pose:  [GOLA] -Model pack 02*@ The Whore Couture Fair 2012,. No free. NEW!!
 Nidya Faith

March 10, 2012

Look #332

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -al vulo! -[ Alice ] - [ Natural Porcelain ]Press. NEW!!
Makeup: MakeUp set *Tea Time* , no free. NEW!!
Hair: [Shag] - Pussy Galore - All shades & roots, no free. NEW!!
Short:  -SU! - Cut Off Grunge Jeans, no free. NEW!!
Necklace:  .[Acide!] Entete - Rouge - Unisex @ GSPno free. NEW!!
Bag: [{*I <3 FashiOn*} Bag Addict [Black] @ GSP. No free. NEW!!
Tattoo: - piccara - sex on trial & turn me on tattoos @ GSP. No free. NEW!!.
Belt: ~Pepper~ Waistline Belt. No free. NEW!!
Shoes: Retro' - fuck me shoe. @ GSP. No free. NEW!!.
 Nidya Faith

KONY 2012

We can do something, look at the video, is just 30min (share it please)
Podemos hacer algo, mira el vídeo, son solo 30min (compártelo por favor)

Nidya Faith

Look #331

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -FILTHY - Tina . Cream, No free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH<  Brenna (Mesh) -  light blondes, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  PARADISIS @ The Whore Couture Fair 2012,  no free. NEW!!
Necklace: JKtrends LUNA set. No free. NEW!!
Boots: KristicA - Caprice Boots Mesh (black). No free. NEW!!
Pose:  [GOLA] -Model pack 03*. No free. NEW!!
 Nidya Faith

March 8, 2012

Look #330 (Man Just GPS)


Shape.:Useful Things:. Shape Clyde for @GSP
Pants{Elygo} Denim White @GSP
Pose[ Omen ] Prize Pose @GSP

aerodinamic - RafaelAlejandro

March 7, 2012

Look #329(Man GSP & NR)


Hair[dekade] Narcissus' Room (Comes with the skin) @Narcissus' Room
T-Shirt{K}Rea Sailor t-Shirt @Narcissus' Room
Pants{Elygo} Denim White @GSP
ShoesDEF! Sneakers/Supernova/Grey @Narcissus' Room
Chair:  UrbanizeD - Chair Set "Narcissus" - Neutrals @Narcissus' Room

OMG - RafaelAlejandro

Look #328

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -[ Al Vulo! ] - [ Alice ] - [ Natural Porcelain ], No free. NEW!!
MakeupMONS /  Makeups - eyeshadow lawt, no free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< India -  light blondes, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  Belote - My Two Satin Dresses For ZombiePop Brand, no free. NEW!!
Necklace: +:+WTG+:+ **psychedelic** . No free. NEW!!
Shoes: N-core EUPHORIA . No free. NEW!!
PosePURPLE POSE, no free.
 Nidya Faith

March 6, 2012

Look #327

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -al vulo! - Alice*  natural sunkissed, No free. NEW!!
MakeupMONS / Makeups - eyeliner dot, no free. NEW!!
Hair: [y] Angel - Light Blond  @ GSP, no free. NEW!!
Outfit:  !Sticky fingers - Racer back catsuit @ GSP, no free. NEW!!
Earrings:  .Pekka. Disturbed Ear Piercing LEOPARD  @ GSPno free. NEW!!
Necklace: [EY:NO] Glamour Cross Necklace (silver). No free.
Bangle and ring: Sticky fingers- Fanatik line - real bitch bangles. No free.
Belt: ~Pepper~ Ornament Belt  -BDE- . No free. NEW!!
Shoes: N-core COQUETTE Platform . No free. NEW!!
PosePURPLE POSE, no free.
 Nidya Faith

March 3, 2012

Look #326(Man GSP)


Hair: Dura - Boys&Girls 25(Blonde)
Jacket*Airflow* Soft leather jacket
Tattoo- piccara - sex on trial & turn me on tattoos @GSP
Pants*HolliPocket* Dirty Jeans-Unisex-Blue @GSP
ShoesDEF! Sneakers/Falsetto/Black White & Red @GSP

Scary Monsters And Nice Sprite - RafaelAlejandro

Look #325(Man GSP)


Hair*booN LUV205 hair chocolate MARKETPLACE
Glasses[SVT*] Nerd Glasses COLOUR 2.1 Scripted UNISEX MARKETPLACE
Earing.Pekka. Disturbed Ear Piercing LEOPARD @GSP EXCLUSIVE
Tattoo #1::Fe:: Cross Crown Tattoo @GSP
Tattoo #2[Reckless] Distance kills @GSP
Pants[NV] BADASS BAGGY -Black-
ShoesDEF! Sneakers/Manifesto/Hi/Leather/Black MARKETPLACE

Is just another day - RafaelAlejandro

Look #324

 .: Credits :.
Skin: -FILTHY   Vanessa . cream, No free. NEW!!
Hair/Wasabi Pills/ Ginger Mesh Hair, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  !IC- Pull dress very short with belt @ GSP, no free. NEW!!
Necklace and Earrings:  Sticky fingers : My beaded black, gold mesh necklaces-earrings. NEW!!
Shoes: KristicA - Vita Shoes mesh (black-beige). No free. NEW!!
Bag: FoxyBag Dark GSP *Tea Time* @ GSP, no free. NEW!!
Pose:  .Pekka. Poses - Clara @ GSP, no free. NEW!!

 Nidya Faith

Look GSP! (Man)


HairRAW HOUSE :: Flatliner [Blacks]
Eyes .ID. Alien Eyes @GPS
EarsAITUI - (Type 3) Stretched Ears[Human, Talon]! 
Tattoo-ZR- No Lies, Just Love @GPS
Collar[Acide!] Entete - Noir - Unisex @GPS
Pants RONSEM* Cargo11 / umber [male]
FlipFlops: [NV] FLIP FLOP ~TIKI~ 

Walking On The Moon - RafaelAlejandro

The Grunge Soul Project is OPEN

Well here is the list of the designers who are working on this! 
Bueno acá esta la lista de los diseñadores que están trabajando en esto!

Sticky fingers, Acide, Katsucide, Def, Piccara, Pekka, Sticky Fingers, Splash, Holli Pocket, Salt & pepper, I Love fashion,Acid & Mala, Elygo, Cheeky, Cynful, Tea Time, Admiral Spicy, Hysterica, Retro, Genre, Ines Creation, Useful Things, Rock, Candy, .Insufferable Dastard, Reckless, Fashion Emergency, ZR Tattoos, Iren, Yulicie, Le Lolo, Omen.

Also to keep in contact you can take this group 
Puedes mantenerte en contacto tomando este grupo

And for those who use flick, here's the blog
Y para esos que usan flick, acá esta el blog

Everything @GPS   <  Click here for LM (Dale click para LM)
You can not miss this! No te puedes perder esto!
Nidya Faith

March 2, 2012

The Grunge Soul Project

As many of you know the GSP is an event that have a lot of good stores on it, so the thing is that tomorrow it will start! So, keep in contact for more information, I'll give you all the Lms tomorow! 

Como muchos de ustedes saben el GSP es un evento que tiene un montón de tiendas buenas en él, así que la cosa es que mañana va a empezar! Por lo tanto, deben mantenerse en contacto para obtener más información, mañana les daré los LM!

Nidya Faith

Look #323

.: Credits :.
Skin: -al vulo!- Alena*  good girl - natural porcelain @  The Whore Couture Fair 2012 , No free. NEW!!
Hair: >TRUTH< Tahnee -  black & whites, no free. NEW!!
Dress:  .:Sticky fingers :. My black halter neck babydoll @ The Whore Couture Fair 2012, no free. NEW!!
Necklace and Rings:  :+*R*+: Flaminio Set,  no free. NEW!!
Shoes: *REDGRAVE* {Fatpack} Audrey2- PlateauHeel. No free. NEW!!
Pose 1:  Gola Poses @ The Whore Couture Fair 2012, no free. NEW!!

Kamille's Look : Coming Soon  =)
 Nidya Faith